LHSS consists of four highly qualified and skilled professionals with a wide and complementary experience in the fields of linguistics and filmmaking. Together, we are dedicated to not just getting it right, but getting it perfect.

Vivian Zheng has a masters degree in English and was  previously Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute at the University of Wales, UK. She has extensive experience of the film industry, most recently having worked with Chinese director Lu Chuan on his latest film, The Last Supper. She set up LHSS in 2011 after noticing that Chinese film makers were being badly served by translators, and that Western audiences were often bemused and confused by the English subtitles in Chinese films.

Lee Miller has a BA degree in Chinese Studies and has spent several years in China where he has developed a passion for Chinese cinema - and Chinese food! With English as his native language and China as his second home, he is able to provide verification of translation both lexically and culturally, ensuring not only language clarity but also appropriate use and emotive sense, thus creating a more pleasurable viewing experience for audiences.

Neil McFarlane has a masters degree in English and has previously worked throughout Asia in the field of EFL where he gained extensive exposure to Chinese culture and a working knowledge of the Chinese language. He also has a keen interest in World Cinema and has worked on subtitles for several major films as well as organising the China Classic Film Festival, a major UK event which took place in nine towns and cities across the country.

Wang Huili has more than ten years of Chinese/English translation experience, specializing in the fields of movies, construction and law. She also has expertise in different aspects of translation project management, such as project scheduling, quality control and customer service.


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